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Leicester City Council


Leicester City Council, more than any other local authority in the country, has driven energy management and carbon savings with professionalism and zeal. In 2006 it won the Beacon Award for Sustainable Energy Council of the Year, utilising EMT’s DATABIRD system. It has targeted to get 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. In 2012 we continue to work in great partnership with Leicester City Council who continuously strive to make Energy and Carbon savings using EMT’s products and services.


Leicester City Council installed a configuration of DATABIRD, DATACHICK and DYNAMAT which has been rolled out over several years to include ever increasing numbers of council buildings and more recently, council clients. To date 7 strategic hubs have been set up for 300 sites and 1200 meters all linked by EMT’s low-power radio system.

Energy Savings Identified

Many savings opportunities have been identified and acted upon – including ‘low hanging fruit’ where it was found boilers were left on over weekends or bank holidays, leaking taps were causing water wastage and radiators were left on overnight. With a total fuel and utility bill of over £8 million, significant areas for saving were determined.


Leicester’s results have been so encouraging that the scheme is now the largest of its kind in the UK. The savings have run into the millions and other councils look to Leicester for support in their own efforts to reduce carbon.

Leicester City Council Website

You can see details of our DYNAMATplus software on LCC’s own website here.

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