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Data Analysis Software

DYNAMAT is data analysis software that turns raw energy consumption data from meter reading systems into meaningful management information where cost and carbon emissions can be monitored and savings can be realised.

It is an essential tool for utility cost saving and environmental responsibility. DYNAMAT automates everyday tasks, taking the chore out of meter data analysis. Importantly the sophistication of its analytic capability mean energy consumption can be targeted and driven down.

Features Include:

  • Unique ‘tracker’ feature learns the shape of the profile and warns when it changes.
  • Degree days: entered from external temperature sensor
  • Environmental report: CO2, SOx, NOx emissions can be calculated.
  • Regression analysis and targeting: all standard monitoring and targeting features.
  • Automatic reports: with summary of consumptions that exceed alarm limits.
  • Applicable days: allows omission of unusual pattern days e.g bank holidays


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