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Our services are designed to support all major requirements involved in energy and water consumption management. The types of service that may be applicable to you will depend on the existing configuration of electricity, gas and water meters on your site(s). For instance you may have some sort of energy management system already or you may have nothing more than basic ‘dumb’ meters from your main utility suppliers.

Services include meter strategy & surveys, meter procurement & installation, fiscal meter interface, the provision of automatic meter reading systems, automatic monitoring & targeting software, billing, system support, and system training.

These services can be provided individually or collectively under our turnkey total solution package.

Bureau Service

We constantly monitor the reliability of data input for customers and advise them of problems which can affect the performance their system. Corrective action can be performed either on site or remotely depending on the circumstance.

  • Meter surveys
  • Meter sizing
  • Meter procurement
  • Meter installation
  • Automatic meter reading systems
  • Automatic data analysis
  • System training
  • Turnkey

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